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Social Media Marketing

All throughout the past decade the power of social media keeps reaching new heights. Today it is largely on the mobile platform where social media truly shines. With so many people all over the world using portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, everyone is now connected to social media 24/7 no matter where they are.

Since we now mobile marketing is the big thing today, we can expect a boom in advertising on all video ads. Marketing studies have shown that people using mobile devices are more likely to click on a video ad than if they were at home in front of their computers. Furthermore, not only will they click on the video, they will do it within mere seconds of receiving it! That my friends are a truly powerful form of advertising, one where you can bet that the marketers are taking full of advantage of it.

Social media marketing is widely popular due to the demographic that mainly supports it. The coveted 18-34 demographic that companies love to market to is the leading user of most social media platforms. Social media marketing also helps your search engine optimization efforts that are a huge chunk of how you get your traffic today.

As a business, you must focus on social media and be up on all the latest trends. The problem that is becoming very difficult to know what’s trending and how they shape their message to reach all of the consumers who are highly in touch with social media today. What many businesses do in this case is a partner with highly experienced internet marketing firms to help them develop a website that is optimized to get them a high ranking on the search engines.

With a high search engine ranking, you can increase traffic to your website, but to keep that traffic flowing your site should be tied into many of the social media platforms. It is one big circle that goes round and round, but you must keep a majority of the people within your circle and not let them go. These people are your customers, so you need to entertain them with quality products and services, also a good video or two now and then helps.

We all have seen the power social media has when it comes to viral videos. This type of marketing is usually not planned, in that who can predict what will go viral and will not. Most of the time it is an internet consumer unaware they are doing anything but passing along a video they liked. Next thing you know this video is being passed along thousands of times, and you have something viral on your hands.

Attaching advertisements to social media marketing is very tricky because people do get sick of seeing lots of ads. At least this was the case with text-based ads on websites, but savvy marketers have figured out how to include clever ads in videos, which is what people are doing online these days. People tend to put up with a 30-second ad if they know they’re going to get a cool video to watch. It does help if that 30-second ad is catchy.

You may be sick of the term social media, but you better get used to it because it revolves around everything. They even broadcast social media marketing ads on television so even if you tried it is impossible to put your smartphone or tablet down and not hear something related to social media.

But let’s face it social media has a lot of positives to offer too. For instance in business it is a great way to network yourself when looking for a job. Or if you are trying to build up an email list when marketing products. There are different types of social media marketing platforms to suit all kinds of needs. It just isn’t fun games like chatting and telling people what you ate for dinner. There is a lot of good involved with social media marketing.

Another good aspect of social media marketing is the instant form of communication. Think how easy it is to market a product or service to someone who is driving around and they receive a text on their phone about reduced price on something they need. The reason they get the text is because they opted for the service. So as you can see there is a lot of good associated with social media in that you can save money on things you need.

With the world constantly changing one thing is for certain, social media marketing is here to stay, and it is only going to get more powerful.

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